We have many customer experiences below are samples including a 10-year subcontract with the Houston Airport System; Two year IT development and support contract with British Petroleum (BP); and, a City of Houston process analysis of telephony providers.


Management Oversight (PMO) consultant to the Houston Airport System (HAS) providing program / project management and business process re-engineering services.

These areas include:

  • Information Technology Planning
  • Program / Project Management Oversight
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering Services
  • ERP Implementation / Integration
  • F&A Support Services

Paralleling the contract period was HAS’s $3.5 billion Capital Improvement / Expansion Program involving the construction of new terminals and facilities and renovation of most existing facilities.   Program components included significant IT infrastructure and applications initiatives including a system-wide WAN backbone upgrade; premise distribution system upgrades to all existing facilities, including MDF/IDF upgrades, standardization, and build out; network monitoring; server farm expansions and upgrades and related facilities enhancements; and significant applications implementation efforts associated with facilities systems and enterprise business applications including complete upgrades of access control, FIDS, fire alarm, parking, security and operations-related systems – even the implementation of a new enterprise financial system, SAP.

usamanageTECH provided business analysis, process and workflow analysis, process re-engineering, implementation, integration, and project management for major systems initiatives including SAP ERP; Balanced Scorecard; Accounts Payable, OnBase, paperless imaging implementation; call accounting; budget development and F&A support; and E-911 to name a few.

usamanageTECH has provided extensive business process improvement and operations review services ranging from an internal controls review of badging office operations, to review of AIP / grants documentation procedures associated with the Capital Program, to business process review and improvement (As Is and To Be) associated with ERP implementation.


BP Legal contacted usamanageTECH to assist with the project recovery effort of a SharePoint 2010 custom site that had failed twice at a great expense. The site is the central repository for plaintiff related documentation in a $100B litigation matter/case for the BP North America business.

 It supports all associated legal teams and provides:

  • Custom data entry and coding functionality specific to plaintiff management
  • Custom data entry specific to discovery and investigative research
  • PDF parser to assist in translating / uploading data attributes automatically to the data base
  • Document storage and indexing for over 300,000 documents and 16,600,000 pages
  • Video library for over 9000 clips ranging from 8 – 12 hour in duration depositions to 3 seconds high density plume / gas release clips
  • Extensive reporting that encompasses deficiency management, diagnostic ranges, and potential fraud detection using comparative techniques

usamanageTECH inherited a non-working site that was, with the approval of BP Legal, scrapped and the project restarted; and, at the end of a two month period the site is now fully operational.  We conceptualized, designed, installed, coded, and tested the application.  We are currently supporting and providing enhanced services.

The site was implemented using:

  • Bamboo Video Library web part
  • SQL data base
  • SharePoint Server
  • Net, C#, AJAX and JQuery
  • Three tier architecture including a video library server

The site has been developed to allow for considerable growth.


The City of Houston had a backlog of bills for most telephony service providers.  The delay in payment was due to a number of factors including changes in the providers’ billing system formats, prior management direction to stop payment, and an overall process fragmentation. The lack of payment for the outstanding bills is due to purchase orders not having sufficient funds and need to react vs. proactively manage the process.

usamanageTECH documented and analyzed the current processes, identifying gaps and making short- and long-term recommendations.  Our findings were reflective of a segmented process which is heavily manual with inadequate automated support.  It also reflected an organization with fragmented communication and financial capabilities, leading to poor customer service, data quality, and prolonged period for activity level completion.  The focus has been on re-programming the TBS application vs. addressing the business process.

usamanageTECH recommendations were segmented into short- and long-term initiatives.  The short-term recommendations to addressed process and organization gaps, alleviating some of the “pain” and thus making the process pro-active and customer centric.  Basic tools and methods were employed to re-engineer the process for success.  The long-term recommendations were enterprise-wide and involved cross-functional re-engineering, implementation of tools, and cost saving opportunities across the enterprise; as well as, assessing options for service provisioning.

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