Agile – Project Quick Start

Agile 2

We have a three week offering that is both effective in its approach to training, coaching, and to quick start Agile in the organization in a cost effective way leveraging the training and practices in a pragmatic approach:

Training – Week 1

  • One-Day preparatory work-session that can be on-site or virtual to select a proof-of-concept project.  We have a tool, Agile vs. Waterfall Decision Matrix, that facilitates the evaluation of projects to best determine execution path and agile “fitness.” It also, allows for the customization of the training to fit the target environment and includes selecting a proof-of-concept; developing a project charter; and three to four user stories.  The project charter and user stories will be used integral to the training as well as part of the project quick start.
  • Half-day executive / senior management overview.
  • Half-day project management overview.
  • And, three-Day Agile Training for project team members.

Project Quick Start – Week 2 and 3

The above training is immediately followed by a two week Quick Start series of focus sessions to smartly start a project using Agile; employing the concepts learned during Agile training, above noted.  Specifically, we will plan the backlog, releases, and sprints. Coach the team through the daily meetings, first sprint, and demo and retrospective.

The benefits of Agile are many, however companies struggle to successfully incorporate agility within the project management framework. usaManageTECH has experienced and a strong delivery track record and we can assist your organization throughout the process including coaching teams and / or individuals adapt, adopt and improve Agile methods and practices.

We also have additional Agile training and coaching approaches, including organizational change management.